Part Exchange your existing property for a brand new Thomas Homes property. Our Part Exchange scheme could help you move to a new home without you first having to sell your old one.

When you buy a new home using our Part Exchange scheme, we’ll offer to buy your existing property from you, at a price we agree with you based on independent valuations. You avoid all the stress of trying to sell your house on the market, managing and paying for estate agents, and worrying about house buying chains. It’s straightforward, to make your home move as easy as possible.

Advantages of Part Exchange

  • Quick Offers – You don’t have to wait for a buyer to come along.
  • Guaranteed Sale – No risk of sale falling through.
  • Fixed Price – Avoid last minute price renegotiations that can occur with a conventional sale.
  • Speed – Once the offer is accepted, your sale can proceed swiftly to secure the property you want to buy.
  • No Estate Agents Fees to Pay – By choosing Part Exchange you can avoid paying estate agents fees, saving you thousands of pounds.
  • Moving Date – With the confidence of a guaranteed sale on your property, you can choose your mobbing date from the outset and male plans with confidence.
  • No Chain – Part Exchange means you don’t become involved in chain chains which can cause lengthy delays and disappointments.
  • No Need to Obtain an EPC – You do not need an energy performance certificate to Part Exchange your property, saving you time, money and trouble.
  • Worry and Hassle Free – Our Part Exchange scheme is specifically designed to ensure your move to your new home is a simple and stress free experience.