By Thomas Homes on 17/07/2017

Thomes Homes is 144 in the Thames Valley 250 List in 2017, the multi-billion pound listing of the top private companies in the region which are set to play a key role in the UK economy.

Many of the 250 companies have enjoyed turnover increases in the past year, and for another year Thomas Homes is firmly established in the list. The £21.6 billion plus listing is now in it's eighth year.

Fascinating stories emerge from may of the companies in the 250 - now established as the key ranking of privately owned businesses that have their headquarters in the Thames Valley. Together these companies employ many people in the Thames Valley.


This month guests will be invited to a Thames Valley 250 dinner at Stoke Park, near Slough, where top companies on the list will receive awards for their successes over the past 12 months. The 250 list can also be viewed online at The Business Magazine website.


Thames Valley 250 List Unveiled header image